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When I was a kid, the tooth fairy usually left a dime under my pillow in exchange for the teeth that I put there. Every once in a while, she would be particularly generous and leave a quarter; and one time, she actually left a Strawberry Shortcake toy instead of money.

When my oldest son, David, started losing teeth about 12 years ago, the tooth fairy gave him a dollar for his first tooth, and usually a quarter or two after that – inflation, you know.

But now, my youngest, Haylee has started losing teeth, and even quarters don’t cut it anymore. The tooth fairy messed up when Haylee lost her first tooth, and gave her $5 for it because she didn’t have any smaller bills. Haylee received a dollar for the next 2, but she has not forgotten that $5 bill, and still thinks that’s the going rate for a tooth these days.

A few weeks ago, Haylee lost her 4th tooth while she and I were on a trip. She went to bed fully expecting the West Virginia tooth fairy to leave her $5, and was not impressed to wake up and find only a $1 coin under her pillow. After all, she had seen a toy that cost $3 at Target the day before, and she was counting on that tooth money to help her buy it. Well, since we were on vacation, Mom covered the remaining $2, and she was a happy traveler once again.

Haylee is now in the process of saving her money for a Jake and the Never Land Pirates toy that she wants to buy. It costs $20, and she had three dollars and some change to her name last week. When she lost yet another tooth earlier this week, she saw her opportunity, and decided not to take any chances this time. So under her pillow, in addition to the tooth, she put a note: “Dear Tooth Fairy, Thank you for taking care of my teeth. I need $18. Love, Haylee.”

Wow, she even remembered to include sales tax in her calculation!

Just to be clear, there is no way this tooth fairy is going to start paying anywhere near $18 for teeth. But she did go ahead and leave Haylee an extra dollar this time just for being so adorable!

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